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The Battlefield 4: Official Multiplayer Launch Trailer is a trailer that was released on the (North American) release date of Battlefield 4 marking its official release.

The video is approximately two minutes in length and features short clips of the game's multiplayer mode.


Immerse yourself in the glorious chaos of all-out war. New maps, more vehicles, weapons, and destruction allow you to create your own path and play to your strengths. Absolutely nothing compares to the sheer scale and scope of Battlefield 4™.


  • On 1:03 of the trailer, someone can be heard screaming "LEVOLUTION!" as the skyscraper on the map Siege of Shanghai is collapsing. The person is voiced by Brent Triplett, who is best known for voicing the character of the "Noob" (Support) in Battlefield Friends, a fan-made animated series by animation team Hank and Jed.