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*The [[RHIB]] boat
*The [[RHIB]] boat
|title=Vehicles of ''[[Battlefield 4|<font color="#FFFFFF">Battlefield 4</font>]]''
|style=text-align:left; font-size:84%; clear: both;
|titlestyle=background: #252525; color: #FFFFFF; text-align: center;
|groupstyle=background:#252525; color: #FFFFFF; font-weight: bold; padding: 10px 10px; text-align: center;
|liststyle=background: #3C3E4A; padding: 0px 5px; width: auto;
|group1=Main Battle Tanks
|list1 = [[M1A2 Abrams]] ·[[Type 98]]
|group2 = Infantry Fighting Vehicles
|list2 = [[LAV-25]] · [[AMTRAC]]
|group3 = Light Vehicles
|list3 = [[VDV Buggy]]
|group4 = Civilian Vehicles
|list4 = [[Civilian Sedan]] (SP)
|group5 = Helicopters
|list5 = [[Mi-28 Havoc]] · [[WZ-10]] · [[UH-1Y Venom]]
|group6 = Fixed Wing Aircraft
|list6 = [[J-20]]
|group7 = Naval Craft
|list7 = [[Rigid Inflatable Boat]]
<gallery widths="210">
<gallery widths="210">

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"Prepare 4 Battle"

— Battlefield 4 tagline

Battlefield 4 is the next and upcoming installment of the Battlefield series and the sequel to Battlefield 3 which is being developed for next-gen consoles (but being scaled down to be compatible with current gen consoles). It is also the thirteenth iteration in the franchise. The game was announced by Frank Gibeau, CEO of Electronic Arts. Already cheat coders are talking about Battlefield 4 hacks. Battlefield 4 was revealed accidentally as a pre-order listing discovered on the Origin Client. By going to the shooter genre one will see a banner entitling Medal of Honor: Warfighter, with an exclusive pre-order offer for the Battlefield 4 beta as seen here. EA later confirmed this and that the beta for Battlefield 4 will take place in Fall 2013. Currently, the only ways to get into the beta is to pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter, pre-order Battlefield 4 Digital Deluxe Edition on, and by being a Battlefield 3: Premium MemberDICE has stated that there may be other ways in the future in addition to these methods.[1]

File:Bf4 beta.jpg


The story, according to the Battlefield website, follows American VIPs' evacuation from Shanghai and an American squad struggling to make their way back home; however, still no information has been revealed about what branch of the United States military they are from. In the 17-minute gameplay trailer released on March 26, 2013, the player is seen engaging Russian special operators, confirming Russia returning. In addition, China is also confirmed as another faction as, at the trailer's end, an unidentified caller can be heard going toward the east coast of China.

The trailer reveal showcased a campaign mission called "Fishing in Baku," which shows that the game will be featured in Azerbaijan.


Among the confirmed weapons in Battlefield 4 is the MK.46 SAW, or some other M249 variant that a male soldier is carrying and the M16A3/4 . It is seen with a M145 scope and a secondary iron sight on the side of the weapon, hinting that it may be a new attachment. The Heckler and Koch 416 (unknown variant) is confirmed in the game; it is seen in the trailer with a ACOG, and a silencer. The Serbu Super Shorty was also seen with a Red Dot Sight and a Foregrip in the trailer. A MP412 Rex was seen at the start of the trailer to shoot out a car window. An M320 Portable Grenade Launcher is also seen when taking out the Mi-28, and the Milkor MGL is also seen taking out several enemy infantry. The AEK-971 is seen being used by enemy soldiers. The US red dot sight can also be seen on one of Wreckers squad-mates M16's.


Recently there were three vehicles showcased on the Battlefield website for Battlefield 4, including new evidence through trailers.




  • Battlefield 4 has been confirmed to be set in 2020, but it will still have a modern day atmosphere. The current confirmed factions are the Russians, the Chinese and the US. It is also to be set in and around China.[2]
  • The pictures in the tile image show Shanghai and a Chinese J-20 fighter jet.
  • It is not known whether returning characters from Battlefield 3 (Ex. Blackburn or Dima) may be seen in Battlefield 4's campaign as not much information has been released about the campaign. Although hint of this was given when a female called Hawkins (unknown if it's the same one from BF3) was shot down trying to rescue the squad.  Lt. Hawkins in Battlefield 3 was a F-18 pilot.
  • On March 18, 2013, a seven second teaser was posted, depicting Type 98 tank treads beginning to move, as well as a date (March 27, 2013), which is now confirmed on the website to be when another part of Battlefield 4 is revealed. This is only available to logged-in Origin users, however.
  • On March 21, 2013, a fifteen second teaser was posted, depicting some kind of ship propellers. Also an image featuring a burning aircraft carrier was revealed in the Battlefield 4 Official Site.
  • Battlefield 4 is being developed for the next-gen consoles, and is being scaled down to be compatible for the current generation consoles.
  • The key art was leaked in a supposed Battlefield 4 trailer, before it was released.
  • Battlefield 4 is the first game in the series to include gore, as evidenced by the player using his combat knife, through a quick-time event, to cut off an NPC's leg in the gameplay trailer. This leads one to believe that BF4 will hold a much darker and grittier tone than BF3 and all the previous games.
    • This is probably a non optional choice as the downed helicopter explodes right after the player finishes cutting the limb off.
  • Battlefield 4 may see the return of previous characters, a hint of this was given when a female called Hawkins (unknown if it's the same one from BF3) was shot down trying to rescue the squad. Although it causes confusion because Lt. Hawkins in Battlefield 3 was a F-18 pilot.
  • The female soldier, Hanna was seen at the end of the 17 minute gameplay trailer released on March 27, 2013 shown in the backround was what looked like an American soldiers gear. Possibly hinting that she is rouge, a chinese soldier, an American soldier, or even the "asset" in China mentioned in a phone call at the end of the 17 minute gameplay.
  • In the description, it mentions new intense, water based vehicle combat. Besides RHIB boats, all other aspects of the new combat are unknown.
  • The Russian Spec Ops soldiers in the 17 minute gameplay trailer appear to based on the Russian Army multiplayer characters from Battlefield 3.
  • It has been confirmed that Battlefield Premium members for Battlefield 3 will have access to the Battlefield 4 beta later in 2013.[3]
  • It is also likely that they are  USMC Force Recon Marines (not to be confused with the Recon Marines in Battlefield 3) as the four characters in the Gameplay Trailer are depicted in.  Evidence consists of the following:  One: a UH-1Y Venom is shown in the trailer, which is only used by the United States Marine Corps. Two: the ranks in which these Marines hold, such as Dunn being a Staff Sergeant, are not worn by the SEALs in the Navy rank structure or the Army. Three: the combat gear that the 4 characters carry makes them ever more likely to be USMC Force Recon Marines.  Four: Several characters are seen wearing MARPAT camo.
  • Battlefield 4 appears visually similar to Battlefield 3


Hannah's Song

On March 24, 2013 DICE leaked a song in Battlefield 4 titled "Hannah's Song" composed by Johan Skugge & Jukka Rintamaki, both of which had worked on Battlefield 3′s soundtrack.


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