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Battlefield 4 is the next and upcoming installment of the Battlefield series and the sequel to Battlefield 3 which is being developed for next-gen consoles (but being scaled down to be compatible with current gen consoles) it is also the thirteenth iteration in the franchise. The game was announced by Frank Gibeau, CEO of Electronic Arts.  Battlefield 4 was revealed accidentally as a pre-order listing discovered on the Origin Client. By going to the shooter genre one will see a banner entitling Medal of Honor: Warfighter, with an exclusive pre-order offer for the Battlefield 4 beta as seen here. EA later confirmed this and that the beta for Battlefield 4 will take place in Fall 2013. Currently, the only way to get into the beta is to pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter; DICE has stated that there may be other ways in the future.[1]


Little is known about the plot of the game, only that includes China and the US (The only confirmed factions as of now). The key art released on shows a male soldier with a US flag patch, running while holding two weapons, as long as longer than normal hair. Suggesting that he is a NAVY SEAL, or some other Special Forces.


As of yet, there only seems to be one weapon "confirmed" in Battlefield 4, the MK.46 SAW, or some other M249 variant that the male soldier is carrying. Along with the soldier in the key art, which is carrying a sniper rifle, along with a handgun, which is most likely to be a Sig P226 if he is indeed, a NAVY SEAL. But could also be a M1911, or a Glock.


Recently there were three vehicles showcased on the Battlefield website for BF4

Prepare 4 Battle Land-0

Prepare 4 Battle Land-0

DISCLAIMER: Following information could be false and could be altered in the future, this information is collected by accurate observation and realistic estimation.

NOTE: Possible vehicles are based off of already in service, prototype, or vehicles to possibly enter service between 2015 and 2020 in the US is the F-22 Raptor, the F-35 Lightning II. For possible new Russian vehicles: the Su-37 Flanker-F, the Su-47, and the PAK-FA.

  • The Russian (or Chinese aquired) Mi-28 attack helicopter from BF3
  • The Chinese Type 98 MBT
    Prepare 4 Battle Air

    Prepare 4 Battle Air


  • Prepare 4 Battle Sea-1

    Prepare 4 Battle Sea-1

    The Chinese J-20 Jet
  • The Chinese WZ-10 Helicopter
  • The American LAV from BF3
  • The American M1 Abrams(unknown variant) from BF3
  • The American AMTRAC from BF3



  • Battlefield 4 has been confirmed to be set in 2020, but will still have a modern day atmosphere. The current confirmed factions are the Chinese and the US. It is also to be set in and around China.[2]
  • The pictures in the tile image show Shanghai and the Chinese fighter jet, J-20. This suggests that it may be a second Sino-American War, or a war including the US, China, and Russia
  • On March 18, 2013, a seven second teaser was posted, depicting Type 98 tank treads beginning to move, as well as a date (March 27, 2013), which is now confirmed on the website to be when another part of Battlefield 4 is revealed. This is only available to logged-in Origin users, however.
  • On March 21, 2013, a fifteen second teaser was posted, depicting some kind of ship propellers. Also an image featuring a burning aircraft carrier was revealed in the Battlefield 4 Official Site.

Battlefield 4, is being developed for the next-gen consoles, and is being scaled down to be compatible for the current generation consoles. The key art was leaked in a supposed Battlefield 4 trailer, before it was released


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