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"We're not sure what we're going to find up here, but it's clear that they're more than prepared to make their Final Stand"

— Narrator

Battlefield 4: Final Stand Official Gameplay Trailer is a trailer released for Battlefield 4, detailing the Final Stand expansion pack.


Battlefield 4™ Final Stand brings the all-out war to the cold arctic with secret military installations unleashing high-tech prototype weapons and vehicles in four new multiplayer maps. Available on November 18 for Battlefield 4 Premium members and December 2 for all. Find out more at

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The trailer begins with a narration from a US Marine. Intel from the Chinese mainland revealed info about secret Russian military installations to the north that are developing experimental weaponry. The intel suggests that Russia is arming itself for "the next evolution in warfare", and is preparing to make its final stand in war.

The trailer then follows the players as they battle across the four new maps in the expansion: Operation Whiteout, Giants of Karelia, Hammerhead, and Hangar 21. The trailer also shows off the new vehicles of the expansion during the fighting: the HT-95 Levkov, Snowmobile, and XD-1 Accipiter, along with the new Rorsch MK-1 and Shipunov 42 emplacement. The Levolution events on the maps are also showcased, the blizzard on Operation Whiteout, the collapsing roof on Karelia, the destructible ice in the sub bay on Hammerhead, and the Titan's engines in Hangar 21.