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For Assignments in Battlefield 4's expansion packs, see DLC Assignments
For Assignments in Battlefield 4's singleplayer, see Singleplayer Assignments

Assignments are challenges available in Battlefield 4 functioning in a similar manner to that of their Battlefield 3 counterparts. Upon completion, assignments unlock unique dog tags, camouflages, and weapons. There are typically three tiers for assignments: bronze, silver, and gold.

Assignments on higher tiers become available upon meeting certain criteria on an assignment on a lower tier and completing it. Icons on unavailable assignments indicate what requirement (rank or prior award) must be met before progress can be made. There are currently forty-five multiplayer assignments, fifteen of each tier. The various expansions offer additional assignments, visible and available only to players with access to that particular expansion.


Image Name Unlocked Criteria Reward Other Information
Assault Basic.png Assault Basic Rank 10
  • Assault Basic Dog Tag.png
  • Assault Veteran
Engineer Basic.png Engineer Basic Rank 10
  • Engineer Basic Dog Tag.png
  • Engineer Veteran
Recon Basic.png Recon Basic Rank 10
  • 7 Kills with any Sniper Rifle
  • Have 4 squad members spawn on you
  • Recon Basic Dog Tag.png
  • Recon Veteran
Support Basic.png Support Basic Rank 10
  • Support Basic Dog Tag.png
  • Support Veteran
Land Vehicle Basic.png Land Vehicle Basic Rank 10
  • 7 Kills with any Land Vehicle in one round
  • Destroy 25 vehicles with any Land Vehicle
  • Land Vehicle Basic Dog Tag.png
  • Land Vehicles Veteran
Aircraft Basic.png Aircraft Basic Rank 10
  • 7 Kills with any Aircraft in a round
  • Destroy 25 vehicles with any Aircraft
  • Aircraft Basic Dog Tag.png
  • Aircraft Veteran
Watercraft Basic.png Watercraft Basic Rank 10
  • Watercraft Basic Dog Tag.png
  • Watercraft Veteran
Carbine Basic.png Carbine Basic Rank 20
  • 7 Kills with any Carbine
  • 10 Carbine Ribbons
  • Carbine Basic Dog Tag.png
  • Carbine Veteran
PDW Basic.png PDW Basic Rank 20
  • PDW Basic Dog Tag.png
  • PDW Veteran
Shotgun Basic.png Shotgun Basic Rank 20
  • 7 Kills with any Shotgun
  • 10 Shotgun Ribbons
  • Shotgun Basic Dog Tag.png
  • Shotgun Veteran
Conqueror.png Conqueror Rank 20
  • Capture 20 flags in Conquest
  • 10 Conquest Ribbons
  • Conqueror Dog Tag.png
Rusher.png Rusher Rank 20
  • 10 M-COM Attacker Ribbons in Rush
  • 10 Rush Ribbons
  • Rusher Dog Tag.png
Obliterator.png Obliterator Rank 20
  • Obliterator Dog Tag.png
By My Command.png By My Command Rank 20
  • 10 Commander Leadership Ribbons
  • 10 Commander Resupply Ribbons
  • By My Command Dog Tag.png
  • Offensive Commander
Blade Runner.png Blade Runner Rank 20
  • 5 Kills with the Knife
  • 10 Melee Ribbons
  • Blade Runner Dog Tag.png
  • Stealth Assassin
  • During the Beta, the assignment was originally unlocked at rank 100 but this was lowered to rank 20 in the final game
  • Reference to film Blade Runner


Image Name Unlocked Criteria Reward Other Information
Assault Expert.png Assault Veteran Complete Assault Basic
  • Crimson Woodland Camouflage
  • Assault Expert
Engineer Veteran.png Engineer Veteran Complete Engineer Basic
  • TTsKO Blue Camouflage
  • Engineer Expert
Recon Veteran.png Recon Veteran Complete Recon Basic
  • 8 Kills with any Sniper Rifle
  • Have 5 squad members spawn on you
  • Duckweed Camouflage
  • Recon Expert
Support Veteran.png Support Veteran Complete Support Basic
  • Green Underbrush Camouflage
  • Support Expert
Land Vehicles Veteran.png Land Vehicles Veteran Complete Land Vehicle Basic
  • Kill 10 enemies in a round with any Land Vehicle
  • Destroy 50 vehicles with any Land Vehicle
  • Black Shark Camouflage
Aircraft Veteran.png Aircraft Veteran Complete Aircraft Basic
  • 10 Kills with any Aircraft in a round
  • Destroy 50 vehicles with any Aircraft
  • Flanker Camouflage
Watercraft Veteran.png Watercraft Veteran Complete Watercraft Basic
  • Blue Sky Camouflage
Carbine Veteran.png Carbine Veteran Complete Carbine Basic
  • 8 Kills with any Carbine
  • 20 Carbine Ribbons
  • Ripple Camouflage
  • Features the G36C on the ribbon
PDW Veteran.png PDW Veteran Complete PDW Basic
  • 8 Kills with any PDW
  • 20 PDW Ribbons
  • Ink Blotch Camouflage
  • Features the MX4 on the ribbon
Shotgun Veteran.png Shotgun Veteran Complete Shotgun Basic
  • 8 Kills with any Shotgun
  • 20 Shotgun Ribbons
  • Blue Tiger Camouflage
  • Features the 870 MCS on the ribbon
Tin Foil Hat.png Tin Foil Hat Rank 50
  • 10 Commander Surveillance Ribbons
  • 30 EMP Bonuses as Commander
  • 20 Spotting Ribbons
  • Tin Foil Hat Dog Tag.png
We'll Meet Again.png We'll Meet Again Rank 50
  • Launch 100 Cruise Missiles
  • Deploy 50 Early Warnings
  • We'll Meet Again Dog Tag.png
Leave No Man Behind.png Leave No Man Behind Rank 50
  • 25 Squad Savior Bonuses
  • 25 Squad Avenger Bonuses
  • 50 Squad Revives
  • Leave No Man Behind Dog Tag.png
  • Reference to the Soldier's Creed and a military's efforts to make sure all soldiers return home
Wrecking Ball.png Wrecking Ball Rank 50
  • 25 Mobility Critical Hits
  • 50 Vehicle Destroyed
  • Wrecking Ball Dog Tag.png
Stealth Assassin.png Stealth Assassin Complete Blade Runner
  • Obtain 20 Dog Tags
  • Obtain 20 Melee Ribbons
  • Stealth Assassin Dog Tag.png
  • Melee Expert


Image Name Unlocked Criteria Reward Other Information
Assault Veteran.png Assault Expert Complete Assault Veteran
Engineer Expert.png Engineer Expert Complete Engineer Veteran
Recon Expert.png Recon Expert Complete Recon Veteran
  • 50 Marksman Ribbons
  • 200 Kills with any Sniper Rifle
  • 10 Sniper Rifle Ribbons
Support Expert.png Support Expert Complete Support Veteran
Offensive Commander.png Offensive Commander Complete By My Command
  • Offensive Commander Dog Tag.png
Hitman.png Hitman Rank 100
  • Perform 10 Squad Wipes
  • Stop 5 Kill Streaks
  • Kill 3 Commander-designated High Value Targets
  • Hitman Dogtag.png
Land Warrior.png Land Warrior Rank 100
  • 1 Main Battle Tank Medal
  • 1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Medal
  • Destroy 1 Helicopter with a Main Battle Tank
  • Land Warrior Dog Tag.png
Air Warrior.png Air Warrior Rank 100
  • 1 Attack Helicopter Medal
  • 1 Jet Fighter Medal
  • Destroy 5 Jets with Attack Helicopters
  • Air Warrior Dog Tag.png
Taxi Driver.png Taxi Driver Rank 100
  • In a round, obtain 10 Driver Spawn Bonuses
  • 30 Driver Bonuses
  • 10 Squad Vehicle Kill Assist
  • Taxi Driver Dog Tag.png
Wall of Shotgun.png Wall of Shotgun Rank 100
  • Wall of Shotgun Dog Tag.png
Swedish Steel.png Swedish Steel Rank 100
  • 100 kills with the AK 5C
  • 50 headshots with AK 5C
  • 100 kills with the CBJ-MS
  • Swedish Steel Dog Tag.png
  • The assignment itself is a reference to DICE being founded and headquartered in Sweden.
Made in China.png Made In China Rank 100
  • Made In China Dog Tag.png
  • The Assignment title is a reference to the fact that the majority of products are made in China, and marked with the country origin label "Made in China".
From Russia With Lead.png From Russia With Lead Rank 100
  • 50 headshots with the SKS
  • 100 kills with the A-91
  • 50 kills with the MP412 REX
  • From Russia With Lead Dog Tag.png
  • The name of this assignment is a spin-off of the title of the 1963 James Bond film, From Russia with Love
American Classics.png American Classics Rank 100
  • American Classics Dog Tag.png
  • Regarding to the weapons used to achieve this assignment, all are or are modernized versions of famous American classic weapons, the M14, M4 carbine and iconic .44 Magnum revolver
Melee Expert.png Melee Expert Complete Stealth Assassin
  • Obtain 50 Melee Ribbons
  • Melee Expert Dog Tag.png