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Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Official Trailer is a trailer released for Battlefield 4, detailing the Naval Strike expansion pack.


Battlefield 4™ Naval Strike expansion pack takes the all-out war to the sea with four new multiplayer maps. Available on March 25 for Battlefield 4 Premium members and April 8 for all.

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The trailer opens with a US carrier commander's voice, directing the Marines to destroy the opposing force's carrier while protecting their own. As the gameplay footage follows players through Nansha StrikeLost IslandsWave Breaker, and Operation Mortar, the viewer sees the new ACV in action, as well as certain Levolution events. In the last map, Operation Mortar, the US carrier, already heavily damaged, is breached. After some Russian soldiers breach the command bridge, apparently killing the commander, the US and Russian forces fight inside the carrier, which leads to its destruction.


  • The trailer's description officially revealed the release date of the Naval Strike expansion.
  • Despite the trailer depicting US and Russian forces fighting each other, it is currently not possible to play as the latter faction.