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The Battlefield Briefing - Development Update May 2022 is a video released for Battlefield 2042 updating on the situation of what the development team are working right now.

This video features Adam Freeman (Senior Community Lead), Ryan McArthur (Senior Producer) and Lars Gustavsson (Creative Director) talking on the upcoming improvement across many areas including the update to Kaleidoscope and Renewal, the recent reduction to 64 players for Breakthrough, Specialists, Gunplay, Movement, Team Play, Performance and the start of Season 1 in June.


Tune in to learn more about what the Battlefield Development team has been working on and the changes and improvements that you can expect to see coming to Battlefield 2042 as part of the upcoming Season 1 and beyond.

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter made up of three distinct multiplayer experiences - All-Out Warfare features the next generation of fan-favorite modes Conquest and Breakthrough; Battlefield™ Portal allowing players to discover battles from the past, present and future as well as to create and change the rules of war; while Battlefield™ Hazard Zone brings a tense, squad-focused survival experience. Adapt and overcome on dynamically-changing battlegrounds with the help of your squad and a cutting-edge arsenal, and prepare for unprecedented scale with up to 128 players*.

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*Supported on Xbox Series X|S, PC and PlayStation®5. Xbox One and PlayStation®4 will be locked at 64 players