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Battlefield 1

Battlefield Companion is a web portal featured in Battlefield 1 as a successor to Battlelog, and operates as part of the website, accessed via the Career tab after signing in.

It allows players to view stats, unlock and customize weapons and loadouts, and coordinate with friends.

Launching the game is now done with an in-game browser, which also features videos from the community, a newsfeed, and game settings.

The player's career in Battlefield 4 can also be examined and customized via the same portal, as it is replacing the Battlelog feature in that game.


  • During the Open Beta, it was the only means of unlocking new content since the feature wasn't yet integrated into the game itself.
  • Battlefield Hardline was originally intended to join Battlefield 1 and 4 in the Companion lineup, but work ceased with the closing of Visceral Games in 2017.

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