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"What happens when the lights go out, and criminal and police factions are forced to face off under the slimmest sliver of light?"

— Official description

Battlefield Hardline: Blackout is the third expansion pack for Battlefield Hardline, released free to all players on November 3, 2015.[1]

Similar to Battlefield 4: Night Operations, the expansion is themed around night time combat on modified versions of prexisiting maps. Blackout features two new night maps, Night Job and Night Woods (nighttime versions of Bank Job and Backwoods respectively), two new all class weapons, the Night Vision Goggles gadget, and more.

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  • Blackout is the first initially unannounced piece of downloadable content released for Battlefield Hardline, all other expansions were revealed with Premium's release.
  • It was announced that the patch released alongside the expansion would fix the problematic loadout reset glitch.

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