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For the game soundtrack, see Battlefield Hardline: Original Soundtrack

Battlefield Hardline allows players to play numerous soundtracks through the Radio in a similar manner to Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam while driving a vehicle. The Radio Soundtrack in Battlefield Hardline features a total of 18 tracks.[1]

Many tracks in the soundtrack were also used to promote the game such as "Karma" by Jamie N Commons in the Battlefield Hardline: Karma Gameplay Trailer. Visceral added ten new tracks in the Criminal Activity expansion with more added in future expansions.

Original[edit | edit source]

# Track Artist Length
1 Always On Death From Above 1979 2:33
2 This Is Radio Clash The Clash 4:10
3 The Ripper Judas Priest 2:58
4 Welcome To The Terrordome (Fear 2011) Public Enemy 6:06
5 Stranglehold Ted Nugent 8:25
6 I Gotta Rokk (Irn Mnky Swagger Mix) DJ Shadow 6:23
7 Down On The Street The Stooges 3:44
8 Oh My Darling (Don't Cry) Run The Jewels 3:35
9 Hacker Death Grips 4:36
10 Lyrics to Go [Dan the Automator Remix] A Tribe Called Quest 4:47
11 The Death & Resurrection Show Killing Joke 6:57
12 Sound Of Da Police KRS One 4:13
13 Puerto Rican Judo (ft. Wavy Spice) RATKING[2][3][4] 4:35
14 Departed As I Lay Dying 1:42
15 Madness Transplants 3:10
16 Trap Shit V17 UZ 2:17
17 A Taste of Silver Until The Ribbon Breaks 3:04
18 Karma Jamie N Commons 4:10
19 Skin 'Em Up Blues Saraceno 2:43

Criminal Activity[edit | edit source]

# Track Artist Length
1 DTV Natural Child 4:26
2 I'm So Sorry Imagine Dragons 4:45
3 New Rose The Damned 2:42
4 Annihilation Affair Torche 5:16
5 Lupine Ossuary Thee Oh Sees 4:22
6 Bugatti (Jauz Remix) Tiga (ft. Pusha T) 5:31
7 808 in the Trunk Brillz and Z-Trip 3:17
8 Stick Em Fat Boys 4:23
9 Blaze Up The Fire Major Lazer (ft. Chronixx) 3:36
10 Jeep Stuff (yes, the link is correct) Hank & Jed (ft. Neebs Gaming) 2:48

Robbery[edit | edit source]

# Track Artist Length
1 Outer Space Yelawolf 4:01

Blackout [5][edit | edit source]

# Track Artist Length
1 Last Call The Midi Mafia 3:48
2 Right Now Nephew 2:02
3 Cutlass Supreme Dreams Cut Throat Logic 3:55
4 Blame Game  Sub-Urban 1:58
5 Boom Shot Dis  Kully B & Gussy G 3:42
6 This Joint's On Fire  Brinsley Forde 3:45
7 Coming Home  The Rigs 3:34
8 Phuzz Face  Blues Saraceno 2:40
9 Evil Ways  Blues Saraceno 3:33
10 Get Your Gun Blues Saraceno 3:06
11 Joey Lawrence Of Arabia

(listed as No Turning Back on Extreme Music for some reason) 

Heavy Young Heathens  3:16
12 No Surrender  Blues Saraceno 3:33
13 Burn That Shit Lee Richardson, Richard Macklin, Tom Ford & James Carlo Giorgi Cocozza 2:10

Skin 'Em Up

Blues Saraceno 2:43
15 No Control James Donald Davies 2:10
16 It's Our Time Raphael Lake, Aarony Levy & Dumi Maraire 2:55

Getaway[edit | edit source]

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# Track Artist Length
1 Animal The Uglies 2:06[6]

Betrayal[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • "Jeep Stuff" is a song that was produced by the creators of the popular Machinima series Battlefield Friends. In the series, the term "Jeep Stuff" being used by the Noob to refer to C4 in Battlefield 4.

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