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Dr. Pepper Sets January-March 2010 These are the first Dr. Pepper Clothing sets released in January 2010 for first quarter. After the promotion ended January 2011 the sets were sold from 4. February on as a bundle in the Hot-Deals section including the Valentine's Day items.

Finally European players were able to receive these items directly, but their price was quiet high for being nearly free before. Unfortunately the promotion was temporally removed at this time so those remaining codes seemed to be useless.

These sets returned in 6th of December 2012, as a part of Christmas 2012.

At 2nd of January 2013, new parts of sets were included in Frozen Supply Drops.


Cliffhanger Set
Image Name Slot
Cliffhanger's Head Wrap Head
Cliffhanger's Goggles Face
Cliffhanger's Coat Chest
Cliffhanger's Gloves Hands
Cliffhanger's Pants Legs
Cliffhanger's Boots Feet
Cliffhanger's Bag Accessory
Cliffhanger's Ice Pick Waist
Cliffhanger's X Country Pants Legs
Cliffhanger's X Country Backpack Accessory
Cliffhanger's X Country Boots Feet


Alpiner Set
Image Name Slot
Alpiner's Helmet Head
Alpiner's Mask Face
Alpiner's Jacket Chest
Alpiner's Gloves Hands
Alpiner's Pants Legs
Alpiner's Boots Feet
Alpiner's Bedroll Accessory
Alpiner's Hook Waist
Alpiner's Freeride Pants Legs
Alpiner's Freeride Boots Feet
Alpiner's Freeride Backpack Accessory