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Battlefield Heroes: Action Heroes is a themed update for Battlefield Heroes. The theme centers around the 1980s action movies Die Hard and the Rambo franchise. The update was released on August 10th, 2010.


A movie being played on the battlefield to six Royal Army soldiers begins with the character Burly Bruce flying through the air in a plane. Bruce then jumps from the cockpit of the plane and parachutes towards a National Army camp, landing in front of a manned tank, which is promptly crushed by the abandoned plane and explodes, as Bruce looks away from the explosion. Bruce then performs a taunt. The explosion triggers the alarms in the camp, prompting two armed guards to rush to Bruce's position, to which he sends one of them flying with a punch. Two more armed guards converge on Bruce's position, who then throws a lit jerry can of gas at them and detonates it with his pistol, causing another explosion. A throwing knife then narrowly misses Bruce's face as he turns to his foe, Savage Sly. Bruce then fires upon Sly who is shaving with his bowie knife, missing all his shots. Sly then fires a PKM at Bruce, who takes cover behind a row of sandbags, before jumping in a National Army jeep and driving off. Sly then commandeers a nearby plane and trails Bruce's vehicle, firing upon him from above. Sly then jumps out of the plane and lands on the hood of Bruce's truck, engaging in a fistfight as the car veers towards a cliff. Bruce then hops off the hood of the car and watches the truck and Sly fly off the cliff, spontaneously exploding, ending the movie.

After the movie ends, the six Royal Army soldiers then head to battle, with three soldiers face to face with three National Army soldiers, about to face a skirmish.



Six widgets were released for the update, originally shown in the teaser trailer. The widgets were purchasable with the Action Heroes cosmetic sets or by themselves. The widgets contained a powerful melee attack, a Throwing Knife attack, and a manually detonating explosive attack.

Royal Army[]

National Army[]


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Two cosmetic sets and two emotes were released for the update, themed around the action heroes seen in the teaser video movie.

Royal Army[]

  • Burly Bruce's Set (Purchase)
  • Gunslinger (Purchase)

National Army[]

  • Savage Sly's Set (Purchase)
  • Knife Shave (Purchase)


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