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"When Being A Hero Just Isn't Enough!"

— Video Description

Action Heroes is a trailer for Battlefield Heroes. The video promotes the addition of new emotes, widgets, customization items, etc.


The video starts with the depiction of a Hero named "Burley Bruce" flying a plane. He then ejects from it and parachutes down in front of an enemy tank, only for his plane to strike and destroy it. Bruce is then surrounded by National Heroes and proceeds to dispatch them with the numerous new features added to the game. A knife is then thrown at Bruce, who manages to narrowly avoid the blade. The perpetrator is none other then the dastardly "Savage Sly". The two then engage one another in a fire fight. Overwhelmed by Sly's LMG, Bruce escapes in a National jeep, only for Sly to pursue him in a plane. Unsuccessful in striking Bruce's jeep, Sly jumps onto the vehicle from his plane and the two engage in a fist fight as the vehicle approaches a cliff side. Just as the jeep reaches the edge of the cliff, however, Bruce manages to escape and jump off, leaving Sly to fall off the cliff to his supposed death. It is at this point that these events are revealed to be a part of a movie being watched by both Royal and National Heroes. Realizing the movie has ended, the two factions proceed to start fighting again and use the new features seen in the movie.

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