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Battlefield Heroes: Aliens is a themed update for Battlefield Heroes. The theme centers around the introduction of science-fiction elements regarding alien visitors. The update was released on February 22nd, 2013 with subsequent weapon drops on February 28th, 2013 and March 5th, 2013.[1]


After a makeshift National Army satellite performing surveillance on western Europe collides into an alien ship, two alien visitors visit the battlegrounds on Earth, and compete to sell the two factions weapons, cosmetics, and even other alien soldiers for their war. One of the aliens then causes their ship to collapse on the other's, resulting in retaliation from a sonic shotgun by the other alien. The two factions continue their war with the equipment and personnel supplied by both visitors, and from a downed alien ship.



Six weapons were released for the update over three weeks, originally shown in the teaser trailer. The first set of items dropped were the Void Shortcut and The Wormhole on February 22nd, 2013[2], followed by the Homer's Homing Gun and Beck's Bloodhound Gun on February 28th, 2013[3], and lastly the Steve's Sonic Boom and the Sergei's Subwoofer on March 5th, 2013.[4]

Royal Army[]

National Army[]


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Four cosmetic sets were released for the update, themed around the alien races seen in the teaser video. Two team-specific medals were also given to players who were active in the game at the release of the update.

Royal Army[]

National Army[]



  • The Aliens update was teased in the background image of the Battlefield Heroes forums during the Robots v2 update.
  • A potential reward for obtaining medals in the Robots V2, Aliens and Bikers updates was teased.[5]

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