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Battlefield Heroes: Battlefield Heroes Gets Bad Company is a themed update for Battlefield Heroes. The theme centers around the release of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The update was released on March 16th, 2010.


In early 2010, taking place in a shipyard located in Philadelphia, a scalar super weapon experiment was being tested on the USS Eldridge, intended to render the 1,240 ton destroyer invisible. Among its small number of crew members were George Gordon Haggard Jr. and Arkady Kirilenko, being used as test subjects in what is termed as Project Rainbow. The Eldridge was rendered invisible after a green glow. When the Eldridge reappeared, the remaining crew members either reported severe nausea, or were fused with the ship's metal hull. Haggard and Kirilenko however, had been transported to the battlefield between the Royal Army and National Army.

Haggard appears in the battlefields stunned, noticing Kirilenko in the distance. Kirilenko then waves to Haggard and orders planes to fire upon him. Haggard then jogs forward amidst the bullet volleys with his arms outstretched, as the planes are shot down by a nearby manned AA gunner. The war continues on with the modern weapons transported by Haggard and Kirilenko.



Six weapons and one widget were released for the update, some shown in the teaser trailer. The weapons could be purchased by themselves or with the accompanying cosmetic sets also released for the update.

Royal Army[]

National Army[]


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Two cosmetic sets were released for the update, themed around Haggard and Kirilenko as seen in the teaser video. The outfits could be purchased separately or with the respective faction weapons.

Royal Army[]

  • Haggard's Heroic Set (Purchase or Hot Deals)

National Army[]

  • Kirilenko's Krafty Set (Purchase or Hot Deals)