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Battlefield Heroes: Christmas 2011, also stylized as simply Holidays, is a themed update for Battlefield Heroes. The theme centers around Christmas. The update was released on December 1st, 2011, with daily content drops over the course of December.

Additions and ChangesEdit

Advent CalendarEdit

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BFH Christmas 2011 Advent Calendar

Much like the Christmas 2010 update, an advent calendar was included for daily content drops for the duration of the event, starting on December 1st, 2011 and ending on December 25th, 2011.[1] In this update was the introduction of The Claw, a method for players to obtain a free random item every 8 hours, and some new weapons, emotes and widgets.

At the start of the event, the background of the calendar featured the Royal Army. From Day 14 onwards, the background was changed to a National Army variant instead.


Day 1
M16-203 Battle Rifle
AK74-30 Battle Rifle
Day 2
1 day trial of the hatless Santa's Holiday Set and Nikolaus' Wintry Set
Day 3
Assassin's Grip
Black Interrogation Gloves
Day 4
Heather's Holiday Mask
Holly's Holiday Mask
Henrietta's Holiday Mask
Hilda's Holiday Mask
Day 5
25% off Santa's Holiday Set and Nikolaus' Wintry Set from Day 5 to Day 6
Day 6
Prancin' Holiday Horns
Blitzin' Holiday Horns
Day 7
Kringle's Helpful Green Hat
Festive Green Holiday Cap
Day 8
Randy's Rudolph Nose
Rein's Rudolph Nose
Day 9
1 day trial of M16-203 Battle Rifle and AK74-30 Battle Rifle
Day 10
Long John's Long Johns
Berndt's Baroque Breeches
Day 11
Kringle's Helpful Brown Hat
Festive Brown Holiday Cap
Day 12
25% off M16-203 Battle Rifle and AK74-30 Battle Rifle
Day 13
Frosty Face Paint
Podrick's Party Beak
Day 14
Jeep Jump
Ramming Jeep
Day 15
Skier's Gingerbread Mask
Robber's Gingerbread Mask
Day 16
Max's Magnified MG
Dylan's Destructive Duplex
Day 17
1 day trial of O'Leary the Leprechaun and Günter the Gnome
Day 18
Get In
Day 19
25% off O'Leary the Leprechaun and Günter the Gnome
Day 20
Vick's Victory Balaclava
Per's Perilous Balaclava
Day 21
Barrie's Barrel-o-Mania
Coen's Combined Crusher
Day 22
Lumber Mill Fur Hat
Alpine Ushanka
Day 23
Inflatable Safety Penguin
Sloan's Festive Shorts
Sander's Sandals
Life Buoy Penguin
Sigmund's Festive Shorts
Franz's Flip Flops
Day 24
Tarnished Treat
Griefer Gift
Day 25
The Claw

Supply DropsEdit

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BFH Christmas 2011 Gifts Promo

For the duration of the event, players were given either a daily Santa's Gift or Nikolaus' Gift, containing a 1 day trial for a christmas cosmetic.[2][3]

Also released during the event were Christmas Visit supply drops, costing 210Battlefunds each and containing a similar pool of items to the Daily Gifts. However, as the update progressed and more items were added to the Daily Gift item pool, the Christmas Visit item pool remained the same.[2]


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