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Battlefield Heroes: Christmas 2013 is a themed update for Battlefield Heroes. The theme centers around Christmas much like the previous holiday updates. Unlike previous Christmas updates however, no calendar, trailer or Christmas themed Deal of the Day were released for the update.[1] The update was released on December 1st, 2013.


Team Elimination[]

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Team Elimination is a gamemode released on December 5th, 2013.[2] It was originally slated for release on December 4th, 2013, but was delayed due to build issues.

The gamemode is based around a version of Team Deathmatch where players are unable to respawn. Points are awarded to the team that survives the round, or in the case of a tie, both teams earn a point. Once three points are achieved by a team, the game ends in victory for the team that reached the point limit.

Metagame changes[]

BFH War Room Winter

For the duration of the update, the Metagame screen was changed to include ice and snow throughout the screen. During the update, the rewards of the gamemode were momentarily changed to earn the player Christmas themed balaclavas for each team, as opposed to the medals of previous seasons.


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Two cosmetic sets were released for the update, with the Theo's Thermal set being released on December 11th, 2013[3], and the Seb's Survivalist set on December 18th, 2013[4], both themed around two arctic soldiers. Two team-specific items obtainable through the Metagame, along with the previous Christmas update cosmetic sets, were also released with the update.

Royal Army[]

National Army[]



  • In the winter soldiers theme, the Juggernaut from the game BattleForge can be found in the background.

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