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Easter Egg Hunt is a trailer for Battlefield Heroes. The video promotes the addition of Easter themed customization items and gamemode.


The Easter offensive has begun! Listen up Heroes! We have a new mission - festive egg hunt.

Objective One: Drop 12 eggs to secure a happy Easter for your team

Objective Two: Step on 6 enemy eggs to ruin Easter for the opposing team.

This Easter, bring the hurt dressed in style!


Join Bunny Darko and Casey Rabbit on their mission to spread the joy of Easter for their faction and destroy Easter for the enemy. What part will you play in this festive egg fueled war?

We now have a new Easter themed mission for you to take part in. All you have to do is grab your Easter eggs and hide 12 them around the battlefield to secure a happy Easter for your team. But keep your eyes open for enemy Easter eggs and crack 6 of them open to ruin their Easter.


Casey Rabbit Set

Bunny Darko Set

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