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Battlefield Heroes: Halloween 2012 is a themed update for Battlefield Heroes. The theme centers around the Halloween theme in 2012. The update was released on October 18th, 2012.[1]


Following many years of warfare between the Royal Army and National Army, demonic beings have infiltrated the battlegrounds and have congregated in a town's courtyard to summon more creatures of the underworld via portals and rituals, including skeletons seeking revenge for their deaths and sentient pumpkin monsters. These same creatures then fight a war against each other with their own arsenal of weaponry to determine who will take control of Earth.



BFH Jack-o'-buster Challenge
BFH Doom Skull Challenge

Eight weapons were released for the update, originally shown in the teaser trailer. The Madman's Machete and Maimer's Machete also returned as time limited-sales.[2] A special challenge was also included for the Doom Skull and Jack-o'-buster rocket launchers, where achieving 300 kills, formerly 500 kills, with the rented versions of the weapons earned the player a permanent version of the weapons, which both costed 5,999P4F Funds BFH at the time. Each weapon released in this update is equipped with a unique Halloween themed crosshair.

Royal ArmyEdit

National ArmyEdit


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Six cosmetic sets were released for the update, themed around the underworld beings seen in the teaser video. Previous Halloween sets were also re-released for the event.[3] Two team-specific items, along with 6 extra cosmetic options, were also released with the update. On October 31st, 2012, some genes and horns were sold in Hot Deals with a limited quantity of 200 units.

Royal ArmyEdit

  • Valac's Wicked Set (Purchase)
  • Ichabod's Twisted Set (Purchase)
  • Ichabod's Twisted Rotten Head
  • Ichabod's Twisted Skeletal Head

National ArmyEdit

  • Torgoth's Torment Set (Purchase)
  • Torgoth's Torment High Horns
  • Torgoth's Torment Lyre Horns
  • Reaper's Skeletal Set (Purchase)
  • Reaper's Skeletal Eye-Skull
  • Reaper's Skeletal Bulldog Skull


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