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"A new kind of wicked evil has come... which has transformed humans and puppets to something unexpected...... On 22th of October, Halloween has started. Grimaldi and Mr.Rag have gone wild especially for this event. While it's told that Grimaldi was so funny that people died from laughter, Mr.Rag went alive due to love he was receiving, but went evil because no attention was brought to him when Grimaldi came... both are now ready to end their foe's lives. Which army will you join?"

— Battlefield

War Room[]

BFH War Room Halloween 2

A notable change is that the War Room received a new Halloween redesign.

The National Army received a yellow color while the Royal Army received a purple color. Flags are still the same, and background is rather made from Stone and lava. Everything is crowned by night background. New medals were also made for the event.

War room reward
Image Name Slot Royal Spooky Medal Accessory
War Room reward
Image Name Slot National Spooky Medal Accessory

Top Up Gifts[]

Royal Top Up gifts
Image Name Slot Grin of the Dead Face Green Witch Mask Face Mr. Smile's Hair Head Mr. Smile's Makeup Face
National Top Up gifts
Image Name Slot Smile of the Dead Face Gray Witch Mask Face Mr. Happy's Hair Head Mr. Happy's Makeup Face


Spooky Sets[]

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Grimaldi's Hysterical Set Scary Casey Rabbit

Halloween Easter Sets[]

Main article: Bundles/Easter Alternate

Mr.Rag's Weathered Set Demented Donny Darko

Monster Mania event[]

The old Halloween outfits returns from The Vault before halloween to scare people before the haunting starts... each other day, a new set is released from The Vault, to scare everybody. Older weapons return to cause mayhem.

Zed's Dead Set Screamin Skeleton Set
Grim's Varg Set Nicolai's Nocturnal Set
Slave Mummy's set Anubis' Servant Set
Ichabod's Twisted Set Reaper's Skeletal Set
Torgoth's Torment Set Valac's Wicked Set
Shade Hunter's Set Occult Assassin's Set