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"Darkness is creeping upon us and the time portals of evil are opening. Cult members of all factions are now gathering to pay tribute to their idols. The deity’s Kthalhu and Yag-Soguth both have worshipers among the Royal and National Heroes. Will this Halloween be their chance to rise and conquer this world?
A bunch of Heroes from the National Army have joined the Yag-Soguth Cult and are hoping for destruction upon the Royals. While some Heroes from the Royal Army have joined the Kthalhu Cult and are looking for the answers that can save them from destruction.
Will you join these Heroes in praying for salvation?"

— EA_Fixnow[1]

Battlefield Heroes: Halloween 2014 is a themed update for Battlefield Heroes. The theme centers around the Halloween theme in 2014. The update was released on October 6th, 2014.


As Halloween reaches the battlefield once again, cultists in the ranks of the Royal Army and National Army begin to worship the Kthalhu and Yag-Soguth deities. National Soldiers join the Yag-Soguth cultists hoping for destruction upon the Royal Army, whilst Royal Army soldiers join the Kthalhu cultists hoping for salvation from the destruction.



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Two cosmetic sets were released for the update, themed around Lovecraftian deities. Previous Halloween sets and Top Up Gifts were also re-released for the event.[2] Two Metagame medals were also released with the update.

Royal ArmyEdit

  • Kthalhu Cultist Set (Purchase)
  • Royal Cultist Medal (Metagame)

National ArmyEdit

  • Yag-Soguth Cultist Set (Purchase)
  • National Cultist Medal (Metagame)


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