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Battlefield Heroes: Heroes of Halloween 2011 is a themed update for Battlefield Heroes. The theme centers around the Halloween theme in 2011. The update was released on October 18th, 2011.[1]


As a cargo ship pulls into a port controlled by the National Army, cargo begins to be lifted off the ship. Amongst this cargo is a statue of the Egyptian god Anubis. Before the cargo can be safely placed on the docks, the crane rope snaps, causing the Anubis statue to hit the ground and fracture, essentially powering up. To the National Army's surprise, Anubis breaks free from the stone statue and shrouds the area with a green mist that knocks the National Army soldiers unconscious and converts them into Anubis' servants. Meanwhile, the activation of this similar statue awakens a long deceased Pharaoh, who forces open their sarcophagus to reveal red glowing eyes. Anubis and the Pharaoh then take control of the Royal Army and National Army soldiers, turning them into minions.


Perilous Port[]

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Released on October 18th, 2011, Perilous Port (also referred to as Royal Rumble) is a night map centered around warfare on the docks during the Halloween season.


BFH Royal Machete Mission
BFH National Machete Mission

Two weapons were released for the update, originally shown in the teaser trailer. A special challenge required the player to earn 700 kills (formerly 1,000 kills) with the Madman's Machete and Maimer's Machete each to unlock golden versions of both.

Royal Army[]

National Army[]


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BFH Royal Halloween Shirt Mission
BFH National Halloween Shirt Mission

Four cosmetic sets and two emotes were released for the update, themed around the Egyptian deities seen in the teaser video. Previous Halloween sets were also re-released for the event, and a Halloween Trick-or-Treat reward was given daily for 13 days, from October 18th, 2011, to October 31st, 2011.[2] Two team-specific items were also released with the update, obtainable by winning 10 games on Perilous Port with each faction before November 1st, 2011. A button to randomize a player's cosmetic loadout in the store was also added during this update.

Royal Army[]

National Army[]

  • Anubis' Servant Set (Purchase)
  • Anubis' God Set (Anubis' God Sarcophagus)
  • National Halloween Shirt (Win 10 games on Perilous Port)



  • Perilous Port was originally slated for release for the Summer of Heroes update, but was delayed to the Heroes of Halloween 2011 update.

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