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Battlefield Heroes: Monsters is a themed update for Battlefield Heroes. The theme centers around monsters, particularly from The Toxic Avenger and Nosferatu films. The update was released on May 15th, 2013.[1]


A commercial for Dr. William Curie's Rejuvenating Tonic is shown, detailing the uses and side affects of the tonic on an average person. The tonic is labelled to be a necessary part of a person's daily diet, at five bottles per day. The tonic is then claimed to assist with many ailments, including swollen feet, toothache, joint pains, hair loss, "minor" chest wounds, and even near-death conditions. It is then warned that one should only consume the prescribed amount of nine bottles a day, or risk side affects, such as an upset stomach, blindness, loss of hair, appetite loss/gain, dizziness, mood swings, spontaneous combustion and rarely mutation. The commercial ends with detailing a plan to call a doctor if symptoms show, or a nearby angry mob.

One particular character became addicted to and drank too much tonic, being the famous scientist of Hillside manor. The scientist locked himself in his basement to focus on experiments, but began to mutate into a Nightwatcher due to the quantities of tonic he drank, and the bats present in the caves of his laboratory.[2] Despite being mutated, the Nightwatcher retained the addiction to the tonic and drank even more, causing him to mutate even further.[3]

Later, some outerworldly monsters came to Earth and inspected the battlefield, joining the Royal Army in their fight against the National Army for the own expansionist purposes.[4]



Four weapons were released for the update, originally shown in the teaser trailer.

Royal Army[]

National Army[]


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Four cosmetic sets and two other items were released for the update, themed around the mutated monsters seen in the teaser video.

Royal Army[]

  • Mutant's Medal

National Army[]

  • Nightwatcher Signet


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