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Vampires vs Werewolfs Banner

On 27th January 2010 these sets were released as part of the Vampire vs. Werewolf promotion. The theme included the first Night Maps and some claw Widgets. The sets returned Halloween 2010 and Halloween 2011 of course.


Grim's Varg Set
Image Name Slot
Grim's Varg Hair Head
Grim's Varg Fanged Face Face
Grim's Varg Crucifix Neck
Grim's Varg Fur Body
Grim's Varg Flannel Shirt Chest
Grim's Varg Claws Hands
Grim's Varg Torn Trousers Legs
Grim's Varg Fuzzy Feet Feet
Wolf Howl Emote


Nicolai's Nocturnal Set
Image Name Slot
Nicolai's Nocturnal Hairdo Head
Nicolai's Nocturnal Face & Fangs Face
Nicolai's Nocturnal Necklace Neck
Nicolai's Nocturnal Body Paint Body
Nicolai's Nocturnal Overcoat Chest
Savage Nicolai's Nocturnal Claws Hands
Nicolai's Nocturnal Trousers Legs
Nicolai's Nocturnal Shoes Feet
Tasty Emote



Battlefield Heroes Vampires vs. Werewolves

Vampires vs. Werewolves

Vampires vs Werewolfs
  • The real life reference most like is the Twilight Saga. Both transylvanian legends (vampire and werewolf) are main characters and fight for the love of Bella, a human girl.