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The Black Night and Nigel's Ninja outfits are clothing sets available for Battlefunds. Since it first appeared as a battlefunds monthly exclusive, they reappeared and featured for a long while as a hot deals bundle. It is actually the second ninja outfit of the Royals.

The bundle was released September 2009. [dead link]


Nigel's Ninja
Image Name Slot
Nigel's Ninja Hood Face
Nigel's Ninja Jacket Chest
Nigel's Ninja Hand Protectors Hands
Nigel's Ninja Pants Legs
Nigel's Ninja Shoes Feet
Nigel's Ninja Daggers Accessory


Black Ninja
Image Name Slot
Ninja's Mask Face
Ninja's Jacket Chest
Ninja's Hand Protectors Hands
Ninja's Pants Legs
Ninja's Footwraps Feet
Ninja's Sword Accessory


Ninja history including the clothing changes and martial art comparison: [dead link]

It was resold in 28th November 2011 within the Heroes of the Rising Sun theme.