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Battlefield Heroes: On the Moon is a themed update for Battlefield Heroes. The theme centers around the Space Race and the map Lunar Landing. The update was released on April 18th, 2012 with a subsequent cosmetic set drop one year later.[1]


Following the signature of an armistice between the Royal Army and National Army, the two factions begin to work together to land the first humans on the Moon, including developing weapons that don't damage rockets but can damage other people. Both factions develop their own rocket propulsion system to take inhabitants to the Moon, and launch both simultaneously. Both rockets eventually reach the Moon's surface, and a Royal Army and National Army astronaut both leave their rockets and shake hands on the surface. Both astronauts look over to the Earth in the distance. The Royal Army astronaut then plants the Royal Army flag to the surprise of the National Army astronaut. The Royal Army astronaut then turns around and pulls out a weapon and aims at the National astronaut, who then does the same. The two then engage in a firefight, and the armistice is over.


Lunar LandingEdit

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Released with the update was the map Lunar Landing, a Capture the Flag level set on on the surface of the Moon, being the only level in Battlefield Heroes not based on Earth. games played on Lunar Landing also had the effect of decreased gravity, allowing players to jump higher and further than other maps.


Six weapons were released for the update, originally shown in the teaser trailer.

Royal ArmyEdit

National ArmyEdit


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Eight cosmetic sets and two emotes were released for the update, themed around the astronaut suits seen in the trailer and other sci-fi media, such as Star Trek: The Original Series. Two more sets were also released a year after the update.

Royal ArmyEdit

  • Astronaut's Set (Purchase)
  • Space Explorer's Set (Purchase)
  • Spaceman's Set (Purchase)
  • Spaceman's Gray Set (Royal Cosmic Drop)
  • Spaceman's Green Set (Released one year later)
  • Rocket Play (Purchase)

National ArmyEdit

  • Kosmonaut's Set (Purchase)
  • Space Seeker's Set (Purchase)
  • Galactic Set (Purchase)
  • Galactic Purple Set (National Cosmic Drop)
  • Galactic Red Set (Released one year later)
  • Rocket Play (Purchase)


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