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Promotion items are items that were given out by EA to players who bought certain games, or participated in certain events in order to be able to be given the item. Promotion items for Battlefield Heroes were originally emailed to the players who earned the reward, but as of 10 May, 2011 (Needs confirmation), the Rewards system for Battlefield Heroes was released with the opening distribution of the BF:Play4Free Closed Beta Medals reward. This reward system is almost identical to the one released earlier in Battlefield: Play4Free and we can expect all future promotion codes to be released by this system, without emails.

Battlefield 1943Edit

BF 1943 Promotion

1943 hat picture found in the code email.

Earned by email for registering a copy of Battlefield 1943 on the Xbox 360. Items received for Battlefield Heroes:

  • 1943 Pacific Ace Hat (Royal)
  • 1943 Zero Vision Hat (National)

The email containing the Redeem Codes was sent in 2009. These promotion codes were unique, means couldn't be used more than one time. They are no longer tradable or redeemable by EA support, because they have expired, so if somebody offers you such an unique code he's trying to cheat on you. Promotional items are Redeem Code based and unique, so players had to redeem the code on the Battlefield Heroes website in order to receive the item, so they could be traded.

These hats were also made available for a temporary amount of time in Captain Shop's Holiday Drops at the beginning of the Christmas festivities in 2012.


Bfp4f medal nationals

National BF:P4F medal

Bfp4f medal royals

Royal BF:P4F medal

The Battlefield Play4Free medals were handed out to all those who played in P4F's closed beta and won a round in Battlefield Heroes during this time. To avoid sending out masses of E-Mails with unique codes, those were the first items which were delivered to players as Rewards. The Reward System was released the same day as the medals were distributed. Players awarded these medals could redeem the following items from their account on the Battlefield Heroes website:

  • Royal BFP4F Beta Medal (Royal)
  • National BFP4F Beta Medal (National)

If the reward is claimed all current existing Royals/Nationals recieved the medal. These medals were the first redeemable items redeemable in BFH that are given to all eligable soldiers/heroes on that player's account by the Reward System that was released at their time of release.

These medals are no longer available as they are a promotional item given to players who played in the Battlefield: Play4Free Closed beta. They are most like the Battlefield Heroes, closed beta reward, which were also medals given out to players who had played in the BFH closed beta, but were distributed by email codes.

2nd AnniversaryEdit

The 30th June 2011 birthday gifts were given out as rewards to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary of Heroes. There were two special promotion items, the party hats.

  • Royal Party Hat
  • National Party Hat


Minecraft Shirt Royals

Royal Minecraft T-Shirt

Minecraft Shirt Nationals

National Minecraft T-Shirt

From the 29th until 31th July 2011 free Minecraft T-Shirts were given out as Rewards.

"Our friends at Mojang work just a few blocks away so we thought it’d be fun to do something together. The result? The Diamond Harness t-shirt and the Creeper Sssssssshirt.

The shirts are yours to keep forever, and they’re free, but they’re only available this weekend." — {{{2}}}

  • Diamond Harness (Royal)
  • Creeper Shirt (National)

Battlefield 3Edit

Battlefield Heroes - Battlefield 3 Celebration Weekend

Battlefield Heroes - Battlefield 3 Celebration Weekend

Bf3 royals

1 day trial head and permanent shirt as reward

Bf3 nationals

National counterpart

The arrive of Battlefield 3 was celebrated with some new, cool Battlefield 3 inspired swag!

From 30 September until 2 October 2011 free royal and national Battlefield 3 t-shirts and 1 day trial of the T-Rex and Raptor Helmets were given away as rewards, which can be seen on the sides.

To celebrate the BF3 release, DICE and Easy Studios employees invaded the battlefield with Dino Heads. Everyone who took a screenshot of a dino developer had the chance to win his own dino head!

Another contest had the goal to film a travel between two uncap bases and emote to any player just with a Battlefield 3 t-shirt, a dinosaur helmet and naked legs. There were two permanent dinosaur helmet items in-game to win!

  • Royal BF3 Shirt (Royal)
  • National BF3 Shirt (National)

Dino HeadsEdit

Image Name Comment
T-Rex Dino Mode Released
Distinguished Dino Rare

Distinguished Dino and Eccentric Bronto were added in Version 1.73 to the files as reaction to the popularity of the Sauropod Dino Mode. From 29th February 2012 on 500 of those dino heads were offered per faction for purchase for 80.000 Funds!!!! Another 45 loyal players got them for free. Please note the pipes in their mouths, that makes the original bronto head still unique.

Image Name Comment
Raptor Dino Mode Released
Eccentric Bronto Rare

10 million registered usersEdit

10 million royal reward
10 million national reward

The 12th January 2012 it has been announced that BFH reached the mark of 10 million registered users. Similar to the 7 million milestone some freebies appeared in the Reward section:

  • 100 BF
  • We are 10000000 (Royal)
  • We are 10000000 (National)

Also to celebrate the 10000000th hero, these shirts were available for funds, or in the daily claw, where symbolical 100 shirts were given for free:

  • Mr. 10000000 (Royal)
  • Mr. 10000000 (National)
  • Spot the Dev Contest
  • Spot the Dev Contest Winners
  • Mr. 10000000 shirt sale
  • Background Giants

Mass Effect 3Edit

Me3 reward royal
Me3 reward national

Can you spot the developer wearing an N7 shirt on 8th March? Submit a screenshot with a funny caption and win some Funds:

Next day on the 9th you you could grab your free, exclusive Mass Effect 3 celebration t-shirt as Reward!

3rd Anniversary GiftsEdit

On the 3rd birthday of Heroes, Packs were released.

  • Royal's 3 Year Birthday Party Pack

Grab your birthday items and get into the game to celebrate the third anniversary of Battlefield Heroes!

  • Terrific Tricycle (3 days)
  • Royal's 3-Year Tour Shirt (unlimited)
  • Treasure chest key (1 use)
  • National's 3 Year Birthday Party Pack

Grab your birthday items and get into the game to celebrate the third anniversary of Battlefield Heroes!

  • Trailblazing Trike (3 days)
  • National's 3-Year Tour Shirt (unlimited)
  • Treasure chest key (1 use)

Medal of Honor - WarfighterEdit

10th October 2012, a new MoH promotion was created to get Heroes up to date with the latest MoH stuff. This included two free shirts and soldier warfighter rifles for sale.

Royal Warfighter Celebration T-shirt

Grab your free, exclusive Medal of Honor Warfighter celebration t-shirt!

National Warfighter Celebration T-shirt

Grab your free, exclusive Medal of Honor Warfighter celebration t-shirt!

Army of TWOEdit

4th AnniversaryEdit

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