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Battlefield Heroes: Punk Heroes is a themed update for Battlefield Heroes. The theme centers around punk themes and elite soldiers. The update was released on March 22nd, 2011, and a subsequent content update was released on November 14th, 2012 as the Punk Heroes 2 update.


Two war criminals held captive by the Royal Army were hired to infiltrate and steal a secret weapon from a National Army base of operations, in exchange for release from prison. After using stealth and diversion tactics to obtain the weapon, the alarms are sounded when the weapon is picked up, prompting an enemy commander to send troops towards the base. The two Royal Army soldiers escape under the cover of night and perch on a hill, being pursued by an enemy squad. The squad targets and chases two fake soldier cutouts instead of the soldiers in confusion, of which the National Army commander expresses frustration, and the Royal Army soldiers cheer.



BFH Punk Weapons

Six weapons were released for the update, originally shown in the teaser trailer. The update also introduced the Grenade Launcher weapon class, of which the weapons were obtainable upon purchasing the cosmetic set bundles.

Royal Army[]

National Army[]


Main article: Battlefield Heroes Customization#Punk Heroes

Four cosmetic sets and an emote were released for the update, all themed around punk super soldiers.[1] The update featured the first appearance of female player models, expressed through a single item, unable to be mixed and matched with other cosmetic items.

Royal Army[]

  • Leet Hero's Set (Purchase)
  • Leet Emote (Purchase)
  • Punk Girl Set (Purchase)

National Army[]

  • Hell Trooper's Set (Purchase)
  • Black Widow Set (Purchase)


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