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Punk Heroes is a trailer for Battlefield Heroes. The video promotes the addition of new weapons and customization items added to the game.


Two rough-necked war criminals are faced with an offer to perform an impossible mission to infiltrate an enemy base and steal a secret weapon, or rot in prison... FOREVER! Having more than enough motivation, the two are successful in infiltrating the enemy base and steal the weapon, but set off the alarm in the process. As a result, the attempt to flee, breaking out in numerous fire fights across the battlefield.


You don't need to be a traditional uniform clad soldier to get in on the fight, you just need to be good at what you do and get the job done at all costs. Something these punks know all too well is the sweet taste of a successful mission time after time, and this has made them a fearless crushing force with an attitude to boot.

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Punk Girl - Introducing one of the first female Heroes! This Punk Girl has attitude to spare and though she is a bit on the crazy side, she's here to do what she does best... tear through the National ranks!

Leet Hero - This rebellious soldier might not be the most conventional one, but he gets the job done, no matter what stands in his way.

Black Widow - Introducing one of the first female Heroes! Usually seen together with a squad of Hell Troopers, this dastardly, devious, calculating female soldier leaves only devastation in her path!

Hell Trooper - Out from the most secret lab of the National Army, comes this elite, genetically modified soldier, whose only business in this war is bringing on the hurt for any Royal he lays eyes on!

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