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Robots Highlight

The previous Scientist developed Robots in a great effort till the 15th March 2012. Beside that Royals keep steeling technologies, now both sides send robots to war and use them for testing purposes in favor not to lose real manpower.

The last four Scientist Weapons look like cyborg attachments and are therefor also known as Robotic Weapons.

The story continued with the upgraded robot sets and new Scientist Weapons.


Brass Bender's Set
Image Name Slot
Brass Bender's Head Head
Brass Bender's Moustache Face
Brass Bender's Body Chest
Brass Bender's Hands Hands
Brass Bender's Legs Legs
Brass Bender's Feet Feet
Brass Bender's Machinery Accessory
Brass Bender's Overcharge Widget
Brass Bender's Mark II Head Head
Brass Bender's Mark II Body Chest
Brass Bender's Mark II Hands Hands
Brass Bender's Mark II Legs Legs
Brass Bender's Mark II Feet Feet
Brass-Bender's Helmet Head
Brass-Bender's Cranium Neck
Dance Protocol Emote


Destroyer Drone's Set
Image Name Slot
Destroyer Drone's Head Head
Destroyer Drone's Body Chest
Destroyer Drone's Hands Hands
Destroyer Drone's Legs Legs
Destroyer Drone's Feet Feet
Destroyer Drone's Diesel Accessory
Destroyer Drone's Overcharge Widget
Destroyer Drone's Mark II Head Head
Destroyer Drone's Mark II Body Chest
Destroyer Drone's Mark II Hands Hands
Destroyer Drone's Mark II Legs Legs
Destroyer Drone's Mark II Feet Feet
Destroyer Drone's Helmet Head
Destroyer Drone's Cranium Neck
Dance Protocol Emote



Battlefield Heroes - The Robots are here!

  • Along this trailer, the Royals only succeed because industrial espionage from the Nationals. They still feel cheated on their golden medal during the olympic games.
  • The trailer is the sequel of the Scientist trailer.
  • The national newspaper is called "The National"
  • Brass-Bender to the character Bender from Futurama.
  • Placing the head "alts" in the neck slot was first seen in the Halloween 2012 release. This allows you to put both head and face items onto the unique head, whereas before you could only add a face item. While it may seem minor at first, it opens up what you can do with the robo-head a ton! Additionally Brass Bender's head was tweaked to be able to work with more face items than before.