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Join the Elite

Released the 6th November 2009. It's the second modern gear after the Paratrooper Sets and result out of the demand on the Paratroopers by the community.


SWAT Royal Elite

Eli's Elite Set
Image Name Slot
Eli's Elite Helmet Head
Eli's Elite Jacket Chest
Eli's Elite Pants Legs
Eli's Elite Tea Pack Accessory


SWAT National Elite

Edgar's Elite Set
Image Name Slot
Edgar's Elite Helmet Head
Edgar's Elite Jacket Chest
Edgar's Elite Pants Legs
Edgar's Elite Stein Pack Accessory


  • These sets are actually the first modern warfare clothing after the community voice got louder for them. Since BF:P4F was announced many players revised their opinion and either joined the BF:P4F Closed Beta or made demands on return to the wacky Heroes style.