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Mad Scientist Highlight

Those were the new Bundles from 15th February 2012 on. Mad Scientists on both sides, national and royal, are in a race to get to the moon.

Pocket Jeeps, spoiled as failed invention in the trailer were later successfully put in the store. A Redeem Code for 10 uses was given out earlier via the newsletter.

During this update the first two Scientist Weapons (Sniper Rifles) were released, the rest followed along the matching Bundles/Robots|Robot sets.


Inventor's Set
Image Name Slot
Inventor's Mop Head
Inventor's Imperial Face
Inventor's Neckerchief Neck
Inventor's Lab Coat Chest
Inventor's Pants Legs
Inventor's Boots Feet
I have a plan! Emote
Claw Rarities
Inventor's Power Goggles Face
Inventor's Power Jacket Chest
Inventor's Power Pants Legs
Inventor's Power Boots Feet
Inventor's Generator Accessory


Dr Doktor's Set
Image Name Slot
Dr. Doktor's Mask Face
Dr. Doktor's Overcoat Chest
Dr. Doktor's Repellers Hands
Dr. Doktor's Trousers Legs
Dr. Doktor's Boots Feet
Dr. Doktor's Instruments Waist
Master Plan Emote
Claw Rarities
Dr. Doktor's Bionic Implant Head
Dr. Doktor's Bionic Body Chest
Dr. Doktor's Bionic Legs Legs
Dr. Doktor's Kraftstation Accessory



Battlefield Heroes - The Scientists have arrived!

The Scientists have arrived!

  • Another media reference would be the new Iron Sky Movie
  • The promotion video continues the old style BFH release trailer.
  • The royal newspaper is called "Royal Tribune"
  • While Royals rule the place in technical know-how, Nationals struggle with inventing Portable Jeeps or completing their V2 rocket[1]. This stands in constrast to the actual ingame behaviour of National Vehicles, which seem easier to control and therefor are "technical" superior (what is an actual bug)[2].