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Get ready for Halloween! Zombies, and skeletons make the battlefield! There was even a match to see who was better. The zombies won that one :)

First time release was in October 2009, but they returned Halloween 2010 and every following year. If you bought the mega bundle with all 4 Halloween sets 2010, you got the headless items as well.

As expected, same sets returned on 2011 and 2012 Halloween events.


Zed's Dead Set
Image Name Slot
Zed's Dead Battle Helmet Head
Zed's Dead Face Paint Face
Zed's Dead Body Paint Body
Zed's Dead Camo Jacket Chest
Zed's Dead Hand Paint Hands
Zed's Dead Battle Pants Legs
Zed's Dead Battle Boots Feet


Screamin Skeleton Set
Image Name Slot
Screamin Skeleton Skull Face
Screamin Skeleton Body Body
Screamin Skeleton Hands Handy
Screamin Skeleton Legs Legs
Screamin Skeleton Feet Feet
Screamin Skeleton's Scythe Accessory
Toxic Skeleton Set
Toxic Skeleton Skull Face
Toxic Skeleton Body Body
Toxic Skeleton Hands Handy
Toxic Skeleton Legs Legs
Toxic Skeleton Feet Feet
X-ray Skeleton Set
X-ray Skeleton Skull Face
X-ray Skeleton Body Body
X-ray Skeleton Hands Handy
X-ray Skeleton Legs Legs
X-ray Skeleton Feet Feet


  • Halloween 2012 another skeleton with more details and actual body part replacement was released. Of course it was called a rip-off of the old and classic pull-over Screamin Skeleton clothing parts.
  • The Monster release delivered the two toxic and X-ray skeleton reskins.