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Valentines Day Mr Handsome Highlight

First released for the Valentine's Day 14th February 2010, when the brand new panties and roses appeared on the PTE.

Re-released in with the Cliffhanger and Alpiner suits the 14th February 2011. As expected the sets returned 2012 at the same day. On top they added 25 uses of Santa's/Niklaus' Surprises and Mel The Monkey/Patton the Parrot to get the price up to 5999 Funds.

At 2013, same sets returned again, but these have not included Mel the Monkey/Pattion the Parrot and Santa's/Niklaus' Surprises.


Romeo's Blues Set
Image Name Slot
Jack's Blue Rose Neck
Romeo's Blues Legs


Valentin's Red Set
Image Name Slot
Valentin's Red Thorn Neck
Red's Heartbreakers Legs

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