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The Battlefield Heroes - Veteran Heroes & Inland Invasion is the trailer released for new map called Inland Invasion in Battlefield Heroes.


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It's time to take the fight back to its roots. Man the bunkers, fortify the coast and dig down into those trenches. The battle between the Royal and National armies is about to get tougher than ever before. Step into the shoes of some of the bravest heroes to step onto the battlefield, fight it out on a brand new battlefield and pick up your every reliable new weapons.

*** New Map - Inland Invasion *** National troops have been stationed at an emergency coastal outpost after hearing of Royal plans to attack from the sea any day. Royals will need to attack from land sea and air if they even hope to stand a chance as they their way to the beach and head inland to push back the National forces. If you can claim all flags then the Nationals will no longer have anywhere to spawn.

*** New Weapons *** New weapons for every class are on their way taking on the styling of some iconic classic weapons.

*** New Outfits *** Step out onto the battlefield while wearing your traditional field gear and show your enemies who rules in combat.

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