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Wicked Wake is a trailer for Battlefield Heroes. The video promotes a new map to the game, Wicked Wake, a re-imagined version of the popular Wake Island map from past installments in the Battlefield series.


Listen up Heroes!

The war is spreading further everyday, opening the battle to new treacherous grounds and deadly skies where the enemy will be hot on your tail ready to take you down at any cost.

But the battle is taking as much of a new turn as it is a classic one this time, as we bring back one of the most popular Battlefield maps ever in the Battlefield Heroes style you have come to love.

That's right, it's time to fly out to "Wake Island" and set your sights on the skies as you enter this vast battlefield where planes can provide the ultimate support and infantry hotspots can pop up anywhere creating havoc and intense battles for flags at the drop of a hat.

So what are you waiting for heroes? Get out there and fight! Your faction needs you!

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