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Battlefield Heroes: Winter Armistice, also colloquially referred to as Christmas 2009, is a themed update for Battlefield Heroes. The theme centers around Christmas. The update was released on November 30th, 2009, with daily content drops over the course of December.

Additions and ChangesEdit

Small map changesEdit

Victory Village Snow

During the event, the maps in the game were given winter themes, showing snow falling or being covered in snow.

Pricing SystemEdit

On November 30th, 2009, a pricing system change was implemented in Battlefield Heroes. Items costing Valor Points were increased in price, and were altered to be rental items of 1 and 3 days increments. Battlefunds were instead used to purchase items forever, and prices in Battlefunds were reduced as a result.

Subsequently, four of the bandage and wrench Widgets were removed in favor of the Supreme versions of both, and made available for Battlefunds. Weapons were also lowered in price in Battlefunds.[1]

Hero Reward CardEdit

BFH Winter Armistice Hero Reward Card
Main article: Battlefield Heroes Customization#Winter Armistice
For the update, a Hero Reward Card was introduced, a system of releasing content each day for the duration of the event, starting on December 1st, 2009 and ending on December 17th, 2009.[2] In this update was the introduction of Super and Uber weapons, being weapons that have minor statistical changes compared to the base game weapons.[3][4] During the Hero Reward Card unlocks, various types of items including widgets, emotes and cosmetics were released.


Day 1
Super Slugger
Uwe's Uber Overpowered
Hubble's Super Double Trouble
Steiner's Uber Shotgun
Stewart's Super Shotty
Friedrich's Uber Fly Swatter
Day 2
Royal's Super Knife
Konrad's Uber Knife
Day 3
The Super Cheeser
The Uber Backscratcher
Maxwell's Super Machinegun
Rudi's Uber Ridiculous
Bernie's Super Bone Chewer
Wolfgang's Uber Wonderful
Day 4
Tommy's Super Typewriter
Rudolf's Uber Rescue
Charlie's Super Chopper
The Uber Kommandant
Greg's Super Greasy Gun
The Uber Wacky Machine Gun
Day 5
Roderick Super Rifle
The Uber Groundbreaker
Oscar's Super Farshot
The Uber Gourmet
Pipsqueak's Super Popper
Stefan's Uber Sharpshooter
Day 6
Garreth Super Custom
Florenz' Uber Flurry
Carl's Super Cold Comfort
Ludwig's Uber Loaded
Harry's Super Hand Cannon
Gerhart's Uber Greatest
Day 7
Super Tank Buster
Faust's Uber Panzerfist
Day 8
Honor Guard's Set
Honor Protector's Set
Kringle's Helpful Red Hat
Festive Red Holiday Cap
Day 9
Kringle's Helpful Green Hat
Podrick's Party Beak
Day 10
Randy's Rudolph Nose
Rein's Rudolph Nose
Terrific Health Tonic
Fantastic Fire Proof Underpants
Day 11
Frosty Top Hat
Day 12
Festive Green Holiday Cap
Frosty Face Paint
Day 13
Holly's Holiday Mask
Heather's Holiday Mask
Henrietta's Holiday Mask
Hilda's Holiday Mask
Day 14
Prancin' Holiday Horns
Blitzin' Holiday Horns
Day 15
Use your head
Day 16
I dunno
Brush it off
Thumbs Down
Day 17
Sunset Showdown



  • The story of Winter Armistice is based on the Christmas truce of 1914 during World War I, in which soldiers from both sides of the war met in the battlefield for a brief moment of peace.


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