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Battlefield Heroes gets Bad Company is a trailer for Battlefield Heroes meant to promote the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 themed items that are available for use in the game.


What would Haggard and Kirilenko look like in Battlefield Heroes? Try it out now at


In March 2010, a Scalar Weapon was being tested aboard the USS Eldridge in a Philadelphia naval shipyard. The test was meant to render the vessel invisible, with only a few crew members aboard who were test subjects.

On March 16, 2010, Operation Rainbow commenced. Witnesses saw the Eldridge disappear in a great flash of green light. When the vessel reappeared, test subjects suffered from nausea while others became embedded in the metal structure of the ship.

Two subjects went missing and were sent back in time to an alternate timeline of World War II, George Gordon Haggard Jr. and Arkady Kirilenko.


  • Haggard is seen in the trailer wearing a cowboy hat instead of his notable beanie.