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"A history of eight years was reborn online!"

— Boxart tagline

Battlefield Online (Korean: 배틀필드 온라인) (also known as BFO) is the ninth installment in the Battlefield series and was published and developed by Neowiz Games with input from DICE and Electronic Arts. The open beta became available on March 25, 2010. According to the official website, support for the game ended on May 21, 2013 and the servers were shut down.


Battlefield Online is a remake of Battlefield 2, taking place in an alternate timeline of the game. It utilizes Battlefield 2142's modified Refractor 2 engine. Unlike Battlefield 2, it has shown official support for 100-player battles.


The game features four classes: Medic, Engineer, Anti-Tank, and Sniper.

Weapons and Gadgets

The game features more than 70 weapons, gadgets, and explosives.


The game features more than 30 armored vehicles and aircraft.


The game features six maps.

Wake Island

Wake Island is a level in Battlefield Online. The level allows for a total of 100 players to play on it.

Strike at Karkand

Strike at Karkand is a map featured in Battlefield Online. The map is smaller than it's Battlefield 2 counterpart. The distance between flags is smaller than possible with engagements within the first 30 seconds possible.

Zatar Wetlands

Zatar Wetlands is a map featured in Battlefield Online.


The game features four gamemodes.

Conquest Assault

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Team Deathmatch

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Tank Escort

Tank Escort is a gametype featured in Battlefield Online. The mode requires players to safely escort a convoy of tanks to a designated location. The opposing team wins if enough of the convoy is destroyed.

Walking Dead

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Battlefield Online pits the United States Marine Corps against the Russian Army.





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