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Battlefield Play4Free (also known as BFP4F) is the eleventh installment in the Battlefield Series and was developed by DICE and Easy Studios for free play.[1] It utilizes the Refractor 2 Engine used in earlier installments in the series, supporting 32 players online.

Battlefield Veterans were granted access to the open beta four days early on March 31, 2011.[2] Facebook and Twitter fans were granted early access on April 2.[3]

It was announced that no new accounts would be created for the game on April 15, 2015[4], and all servers were shutdown on July 14, 2015.[5] The game can currently be played online through the community run Phoenix Network.


Battlefield Play4Free takes place in a contemporary modern warfare setting, during a fictional war between the United States and Russia. It features only an online mode similar to Battlefield Heroes and Battlefield 2. It incorporates modified versions of classic game modes such as Conquest Assault, Rush (on Sharqi, Dalian, Basra, and Karkand), as well as weapons utilized in Battlefield 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3.


Added after launch, Battlefield Play4Free features a total of thirty ranks that are obtained through kit progression. Unlike other installments, ranks are tied around a single kit each. A player may be rank thirty for the Engineer kit but only rank five for the Assault kit.


BFP4F Classes

Battlefield Play4Free features four kits in the game, similar to Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Each has its own specific weapons and gadgets that it may use to contribute to the team effort.

Maps and Gametypes

Battlefield Play4Free features a total of eight maps, six of which are updated variants of maps from Battlefield 2. Two original maps have also been introduced for the game. The game features three gametypes: Conquest, Conquest Assault, and Rush.

Weapons and Gadgets

The game features dozens of weapons and gadgets that were previously in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. To obtain a weapon, players must earn credits or Battlefunds through progression. They then have the choice of buying a weapon for a limited amount of time or buying it for unlimited use. Most gadgets can be used after purchasing a Training option which function in a similar manner to Specializations. Training options function in Tiers, with players needing to purchase a certain number of options in one tier to make options in a higher tier available. Some options are also class exclusive.



Notable Features

  • Play4Free Funds - In-game currency that is used to buy items ranging from weapons to skins. Items can be purchased temporarily or permanently, depending on the quantity spent. Play4Free Funds can be used interchangeably in both Play4Free and Heroes.
  • Training - Functions similar to Specializations. Leveling up unlocks Training Points, allowing players to unlock items for use in-game, such as special weapons, gadgets and other physical abilities. There are 3 tiers of abilities to unlock, requiring players to spend a certain amount of training points from the previous tier.
  • Customization - Allows players to customize the skin of weapons and attachments as well as purchase outfits for their soldiers.

Patches and Updates

See Version History for the updates regarding Battlefield Play4Free.


"Age of Rage", the theme song for Battlefield Play4Free.

Music for Battlefield Play4Free was provided by the Swedish metal band Corroded. After large amounts of requests from the community for a full version of the song featured in the teaser trailer, Easy Studios collaborated with Corroded to release the full version of the song, titled "Age of Rage".[6] The song is currently available for purchase on iTunes.


Battlefield Play4Free has received mixed reviews from industry critics:

  • The game currently holds a score of 68[7] on Metacritic according to 11 reviews
  • The game holds a 67.75%[8] on GameRankings according to 8 reviews.
  • LEVEL, a video game magazine from the Czech Republic, gave it a 9/10, saying that "[It is a] very atmospheric first person shooter you can enjoy the best in small doses. Hardly anything to criticize because it is free and promises long-term entertainment."
  • IGN gave the game a 6/10,[9] criticizing the presentation and graphics of the game but praising its sound design, saying that "It all leaves me wondering why, at this point, anyone would choose to spend money on Play4Free when they could essentially get a larger, more complete game for just a few bucks more than the minimum Battlefunds purchase price."
  • Cheat Code Central was slightly more mixed in its review of the game, giving it an "Average" rating of 2.5/5,[10] criticizing the play value while also praising the sound design, saying that "Battlefield Play4Free is a decent download for people who are new to the FPS genre. At no cost, and with very low system requirements, it allows them to see if they enjoy multiplayer shooting. It's also not a bad way to kill an hour or two if you're bored. Beyond the first few hours, however, the gameplay becomes monotonous and you realize that the only way to succeed is to purchase upgrades."


  • The game was originally known as Battlefield Assault though the name was later changed to its current incarnation though the name as well as a few images remain in the game files.
  • Battlefield Play4Free was originally designed upon the Battlefield Heroes build of the Refractor engine, and there are traces of Heroes within the game files of Play4Free, especially the localization file.