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Mashtuur is a trailer released for Battlefield Play4Free that previews gameplay on Mashtuur.


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Listen up Soldiers!

A US Assault aimed at cutting of the resupply route of Russian forces in the region grinds to a halt, as Russian troop presence is more substantial than earlier thought. The battle now in stalemate, additional forces are on route to reinforce a second decisive assault to take control of the city. It's time to ready your gear, and walk straight into the mayhem! Because there is nothing but pure anarchy waiting for you all in our new, thrilling battlefield: Mashtuur

Be prepared to fight with all you've got, under the desert's setting sun. Before dusk comes, there will only be one victor over this strategic position which must be acquired at any and all costs. Prepare yourselves for rabid close quarters combat, reinforced by the deployment of heavy land vehicles; tanks, jeeps, and armoured personnel carriers to take the fight to your enemies.

Give no quarter, give no mercy, because you won't receive any.

Are you ready soldier?

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