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Myanmar is a trailer released for Battlefield Play4Free that previews gameplay on Myanmar. Before the video's release, another video was posted asking for players to help name the map in the forums on the Play4Free website.


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As the fight rages on the chaos of battle spread to territories far and wide for control over tactical locations, strongholds, valuable resources and protection of local populous.

In an effort to reinforce its Atlantic fleet in the Persian gulf, the Russian army has launched a major offensive to take out the American airbases protecting the South China Sea. With the American installations destroyed, the Russian pacific fleet would be able to move through the Malacca strait, and engage the depleted American fleet holding the Persian gulf.

Russian ground forces are now moving stealthily through the jungles of south east Asia along the historic hidden trails aiming to destroy the crucial air assets in the region. Intercepted communications have allowed American marines in the region to be rapidly deployed in an effort to halt this Russian offensive, protect the crucial airbases in the region, and stop the Russian navy from gaining control of the Indian Ocean and, ultimately, the Persian gulf.

As the coordinates are set and the area of conflict has been pinned down to a specific area troops are flying into the middle the jungle to fight. Bereft of a local population the area remains nameless to enemies and allies alike. Welcome to the jungle soldiers!

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