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Oman is a trailer released for Battlefield Play4Free that previews gameplay on Oman, a re-imagined version of Gulf of Oman.


Take the fight to Oman!

With US forces pushing to a take foothold on the Russian controlled mainland, Oman provides the perfect theater of war for any Battlefield player to sink their teeth into and get their first real taste of everything that Battlefield Play4Free has to offer. Showcasing spectacular vehicular warfare across ground, sea and air, Oman lets you launch strafing runs in jets, provide close air support in choppers and push forward for flags in all manner of ground, sea, and air based vehicles.

Not only that, but with intricate city warfare, and a plethora of fast attack vehicles, Oman includes a great deal of infantry based action for all of those ground pounders out there!

Battlefield Play4Free moves into Open Beta on the 4th of April with early access being granted to our Facebook and Twitter followers on the 2nd of April, and to brothers and sisters in arms who have played online in at least one of these titles: Battlefield Bad Company 1& 2, Battlefield 1943 or Battlefield Heroes.

For more information on Battlfield Play4Free check out Check us out on Facebook at Check us out on Twitter at

A worldwide digital release of the 'Age of Rage' single is planned for release on the 31st of March.

The song, also produced by Patrik Frisk, will be included on the international release of the album 'Exit to Transfer'.