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The Rush Trailer is a video released for Battlefield Play4Free promoting the addition of the Rush game mode to the game.

Description[edit | edit source]

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Rush is a new game mode to Battlefield Play4Free but can be found in other Battlefield titles such a Bad Company 2 or Battlefield 3.

Your objective is simple. Your task as the US team is to tear down the enemy forces and dispose of the Russian M-COM stations to prevent them calling in re-enforcements. Take down their M-COM stations 1 by 1 and push them out of the area for good to secure your influence in the region.

As the Russian team it is up to you to make sure that doesn't happen. Hold back your enemies and disarm any armed M-COM stations.

How to play Rush[edit | edit source]

- 1 team will play as attackers, and the other as defenders. - The defending team will start with 2 M-COM (Military Communications) stations to protect. The attackers' job is to blow them up at all costs. - To arm and M-COM, simply run up to it and hold "E" (Default Key) and then stop your enemies from disarming it. - If the M-COM stations are destroyed then the defending team will fall back to a second set of M-COM stations to protect and so on until they run out of M-COM stations. (8 in total) If all 8 M-COMs are destroyed then the attacking team will win. - The attacking team will have a limited number of tickets (respawns) and the defending team can respawn endlessly, at least until the game ends. - Every time a pair of M-COM stations are destroyed the attacking team replenishes its tickets. - If the defenders can protect their M-COM stations that long, then they will win the round.

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