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The Battlefield Play4Free Tutorial is a video that details the features of Battlefield Play4Free as well as how to play.

Description[edit | edit source]

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Battlefield Play4Free is a deep, rich, adrenaline-filled, all-out war experience that delivers an endlessly entertaining time by combining the best the Battlefield Franchise has to offer... FOR FREE!

This tutorial aims to show you the basics of the game allowing you to hit the ground running and letting you dish out the hurt on the Battlefield from the get go.

--- The Battlefields --- Familiar maps ranging from pure infantry combat to all out vehicle warfare such as Oman, Karkand, Sharqi, Dragon Valley and others with more to come.

--- The Vehicles --- Open vehicular combat allows you to take to land, sea and air in an array of state of the art military vehicles for massive battles, bringing a new level of strategic play to the shooter genre.

--- The Classes --- Traditional Battlefield classes allow you to support your team how you see fit. Healing your team as a Medic, supplying ammo and attacking the front lines as an Assault, anti-vehicle operations and team vehicle support as an Engineer or supporting your enemies from afar with the cunning Recon.

--- A huge armoury with customizable weapons --- Powerful modern weaponry with a broad set of customization options to suit your play style and to make you a better killing machine, helping you win those critical battles.

--- Deep levelling and character building system --- An extensive levelling and training system allowing you to focus on specific tasks on the battlefield to suit any situation.

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