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The Battlefield 2042 | Battlefield Portal Official Trailer is the trailer released for Battlefield 2042's Battlefield Portal during EA Play Live 2021.

The video starts with a soldier holding an M1911 that changes to multiple weapons as many vehicles from across the eras drop in the background. The soldier then changes to other models from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 2042.

Most of the rest of the footage showcases the freedom of this mode, such as a USMC helicopter assault against German forces during the Battle of the Bulge, an EOD Bot destroying the more advanced Ranger in Valparaiso, a 2042 soldier firing a tracking dart onto a Spitfire in pursuit of an Su-57 on El Alamein, and a knife-armed German team against a similar sized group of Marines with defibrillators on Caspian Border.


Play Battlefield™ 2042 starting October 22, 2021

Discover Battlefield Portal – an all-new, community-driven platform where players will be able to change the rules of war by creating, sharing and discovering unexpected battles from Battlefield’s iconic past, present, and future.

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter that marks the return to the iconic all-out warfare of the franchise. Adapt and overcome in a near-future world transformed by disorder. Squad up and bring a cutting-edge arsenal into dynamically-changing battlegrounds supporting 128 players*, unprecedented scale, and epic destruction.

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*Supported on Xbox Series X|S, PC and PlayStation®5. Xbox One and PlayStation®4 will be locked at 64 players