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The Battlefield V: Summer Update is the final content update for Battlefield V, and released on June 4, 2020[1]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

On April 23, 2020, it was announced that Battlefield V's Tides of War live service would be ending following the completion of Into The Jungle.[2] The Summer Update was intended to integrate completed content into the game before the end of development. This included maps, weapons, gadgets and vehicles that were either previously seen in promotional materials, repurposed from the cancelled 5v5 mode, or intended for future Tides of War chapters developed before the cancellation announcement. In terms of content added, the update is comparable to a standard Tides of War chapter, with one new map, one heavily reworked map, nine weapons, eight gadgets and six vehicles - making it one of the largest single updates the game has ever received.

The primary feature of the update is the addition of European and North African maps featuring the USA faction against Germany, with the former receiving a greatly expanded vehicle loadout on said maps.

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