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The Battlefield V – Into the Jungle Overview Trailer is the trailer released for Battlefield V for the upcoming Tides of War chapter, Into The Jungle.

The trailer showing a group of US soldier get ambush by Japanese soldier and Type 97. Followed by Adam Freeman, Battlefield Community Manager explain what's new in this chapter.

This update including brand new map called Solomon Islands available for Breakthrough, Conquest, Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch by the team behind Operation Locker from Battlefield 4 and Argonne Forest from Battlefield 1.

Type 11 LMG, M2 Carbine, Model 37, M1A1 Bazooka and Lunge Mine are available to unlock.

For the first time, Player can unlock Misaki Yamashiro, a Japanese Elite as reward for reaching Chapter Rank 40.[2]


Head into close-quarter Pacific battles with Battlefield V Chapter 6: Into the Jungle, coming February 6. As the fight moves into the thick and treacherous vegetation of Solomon Islands, the outcome is uncertain for both sides.

Deploy on a fresh map, use new weapons and gadgets, and fight tooth and nail as the U.S. and Japanese forces collide.

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