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The Battlefield V – Summer Update is the trailer released for Battlefield V for the Summer Update.

The trailer show a footage of new content that arrived with the update, narrated by Adam Freeman, Battlefield Community Manager.

Two maps released with this update, including all-new Al Marj Encampment and the expanded version of Provence.

Ten new weapons including M1941 Johnson, Welgun, Chauchat, Sjögren Shotgun, K31/43, M3 Infrared, M1911 Suppressed, PPK, PPK Suppressed and Welrod.

Eight new gadgets including Pistol Flamethrower, Shaped Charge, Kampfpistole, Doppel Schuss, Demolition Grenade, Type 99 Mine and Firecrackers.

Six new vehicles including M8 Greyhound, SdKfz 234 Puma, P51D Fighter, P51K Fighter, P-70 Night Fighter and A-20 Bomber with rebalanced specializations for the Bf 109 G-2 and Bf 109 G-6.

Freeman also mentioned new cosmetics for USA, Germany and United Kingdom. Also coming later this year is an update to Community Games features.


Deploy on two fresh maps with new weapons, gadgets, and vehicles in the Summer Update for all Battlefield V owners on June 4th. Face the heat of the all-new map Al Marj Encampment and experience an expanded version of Provence.

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