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The Battlefield V – Wake Island Overview Trailer is the trailer released for Battlefield V focusing on Wake Island.

This video starting with US soldier landing on the beach before transition to footage of Wake Island from Battlefield 1942, Battlefield 1943 and Battlefield 3 with the playable area for Battlefield V have doubled compared to the original version.

A glimpse of another jungle map can be seen at the end of the trailer.


Experience the reimagination of Battlefield’s most iconic map, Wake Island - a free update for all Battlefield V players available December 12.

*Buy the Year 2 Edition, the best way to join Battlefield 5:

Deploy on this horseshoe-shaped classic where American and Japanese forces fight for control over land, air, and sea.

Get up-close, attack straight on, or flank the enemy using amphibious vehicles. Whether you're invading or defending, the open sandbox design offers multiple approaches to any situation.

Welcome back to the battlefield that started it all. Welcome back to Wake Island.

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